Welcome everyone to Our Special Events Page. Here, you will be able to see the community involvement, sponsored and supported by G.O. - and some of its clients.


 2023 1st Year - San Diego High Winter Performance & Arts Events


Ms.JHawk - JHawk_Productions

 - Producer & Production Stage Manager (Film, Tv, & Theatre)


The Junkyard Dance Crew

 - Multifaceted Dance Crew Focused on Safe Self Expression & Discovery.


Golden Brown Fairy Godmother

 - Poet, Teacher & Ambassador of Peace.



Event Info

 This is a threefold special event where we bring the vernacular artistry styled delivery of the great Golden Brown Fairy Godmother, the energized flow of movement from The Junkyard Dance Crew with the collaborative direction of Ms. JHawk from JHawk Productions to bring a sequence performance between Speech, Dance & Directive. This combined effort will be engaging several aspects within the strengths of each of our performing agents to our chosen songs...

"The Carol of the Bells"


"The Nutcracker"


 Special Thanks to Xocolatl House for their contribution and especially to SD High School and the SDHS Foundation for the direct contribution towards the students of 30 giftcards in collaboration with Ms. Rivera (Wellness Center Coordinator) for allowing us to pour back into our community & bring positive memorable moments to the lives of our next generation.

San Diego High School (Danceroom - Room 750 A)

1405 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92101




Newly Updated 2023 Winter Performance & Arts Event by Mr. G